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Finding a Buyer for Rare Coins


Although you have no problem with being willed a collection of rare coins, you simply have no interest in coin collecting. That being the case, you’ve been thinking about selling these coins. Unfortunately, you’re unclear on how to locate a buyer for them. When trying to sell rare coins, there are two avenues you can go down.

Rare Coin Shops

The first step in selling your coins is to find local rare coin dealer . These establishments specialize in purchasing, selling and appraising a wide assortment of coins.

In many cases, appraisals are performed free of charge, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by paying a visit to one of these businesses.

After receiving an appraisal, you’ll have the option of selling the coins to the dealer or taking your business elsewhere. Keep in mind that the dealer may not make an offer if he doesn’t think your coins will sell.

Attend a Coin Show

If your local coin dealer isn’t interested in purchasing your coins, consider taking them to a coin show, where you’ll be able to show them to dealers and collectors from across the country.

Make sure to remember the appraisal from your local dealer, lest someone attempt to purchase the coins for considerably less than they’re worth.

If you’re not an avid coin collector, chances are you could care less about inheriting rare coins. Fortunately, unloading these coins for a handsome profit is a relatively simply undertaking, provided you know where to go.